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Almost all system issues can be traced back to registry errors. Chances are, if you're running your PC on a Windows operating system, your computer has these errors. If your computer runs on a Windows OS, you have more than a 90% chance of having multiple registry errors. Those errors can cause serious problems with PC performance and can even result in fatal system crashes.

Iignoring registry issues doesn't make them go away; they only get worse. What may be inconvenient now will become a nightmare in the future. Your system crashes will become more frequent and more severe. Eventually, the errors can cause a fatal system error. It's much easier to simply address the registry errors as they occur.

RegistryClear has an extensive database of known errors. It scans your registry and flags the problematic entries, using surgical precision to find the bad and leave the good in place. RegistryClear can then restore your PC to peak operating performance. RegistryClear will eliminate all of your registry issues and will restore your PC back to peak operating performance. You'll experience faster system speeds and those errors that have been plaguing you will disappear altogether. RegistryClear works by:

# Optimizing Your PC's Registry
# Preventing System Crashes
# Conducting High-Performance Scans
# Preventing Computer Freezing
# Providing Automatic/Manual Error Removal
# Fixing Blue Screen Errors
# Creating Registry Backups
# Removing Windows Installer Errors
# Fixing ActiveX Errors
# Correcting ActiveX Control problems
# Eliminating Windows Startup Errors
# Preventing Windows Explorer Errors
# Fixing Windows Media player Errors
# Correcting l sass.exe , svchost.exe & other exe Errors
# Addressing Problems with the Windows Operating System
# Correcting Registry Errors
# Fixing DLL Errors
# Preventing Runtime Errors
# Addressing IExplore and System32 Errors

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